How to bring what has begun to the end and get energy

When we put off something important for later, an unpleasant feeling settles inside. Thoughts are constantly returning to an unfulfilled task, as a result we begin to experience stress. On the contrary, having dealt with a long and laborious work, we feel joy and satisfaction. About how to plan a life in order to keep up and receive energy, says psychologist Olga Dragai.

When we begin to perform any task, a tension is created in the memory, which is discharged when the goal is achieved. In progress leads to the fact that the voltage accumulates, and the feeling of satisfaction from the made does not occur, the level of stress is growing.

Other options are possible:

When pleasure is not the result, but the process. For some people, the movement towards the goal is more important than the result, so incomplete things bring them more pleasure than complete. Nevertheless, even for them there is a stress factor from unfinished affairs that had to be postponed, because they have neither a result nor pleasure from the process.

When neither the process nor the result is important. This category of people has no goals, no motivation, in the heads and life of chaos. It doesn’t matter to them what and when to get and what goals to achieve. Unfortunately, the lack of self -organization interferes with work, family, relationships with others. To establish a life only for the skills of time management, they will not work.

Most are nevertheless fed by energy from the end of the case, so it is important for them to end the begun. To do this, you need to be able to correctly define goals and objectives:

  • If the case can be finished now, it does not need to be postponed;
  • A goal that cannot be achieved in the near future should be divided into several subroders, each of which can be realized in a foreseeable time. As far as possible, complete them one after another, getting satisfaction from the result, despite the fact that the main task is still “hanging”.

How to plan business

There are several approaches to the question:

  • make plans for a day, week, month, year and fulfill them, if necessary, adjusting the list of goals;
  • In each situation, determine the priority problems and solve them, and do the rest of the things spontaneously, as it appears.

Both approaches have the right to exist, and there are no universal recommendations on how to live correctly

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. You choose the scheme that allows you to accumulate energy to you. The first thing to find out is what is associated with an inflow or energy care. And then it will become clear whether you need to deal with the over and unfinished business. Perhaps you will find yourself just the person who “eats” from incomplete matters, which means that planning and regulation of life does not play a significant role for you.

How to learn to complete business?

It will be mainly about those who are focused on the result, adheres to any plan, sets goals. It is important for them to complete one or another thing, because otherwise they will accumulate voltage.

To achieve the result, one can apply the same approach as to goal setting: a matter that cannot be completed in one entry (for example, repair, training at a university, studying a foreign language, etc.D.), you need to divide into stages and close them sequentially. If something does not work out, figure out the reason. Ask yourself why you do not want to do this, what you are doing to complete the you started? What next step do you plan to take?

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